Free Software Projects

Occasionally I put some work into a couple of personal software projects. When they reach a state where I think other people can make some use of them I publish them here.

Furthermore I've done a little work on the following Free Software Projects run by other people.

Rant - Flexible, Ruby based make

Rant is a really nice build system. Its name sounds like it is inspired by the Ant build system, but its style is much closer to the classic Make system. Like Make it allows you to describe how files should be generated, and when they should be rebuilt.

Unlike make the input files - called Rantfiles - are written in a fully fledged general purpose scripting language. This results in an extremely flexible system, that is easier to use than Make. The scripting language chosen for the input files is Ruby, which is also a nice language for the kinds of tasks typically involved in automated builds.

My - very small - contributions to this project has been some features to make it more robust under case independent file systems, such as NTFS or FAT under Windows (which we are using at my workplace).

If you think this program sounds interesting, take a look at its homepage

Dia - a GTK+ based diagram creation program

Dia is a diagram creation program that I think most Linux/UNIX users know. If you don't know it visit its homepage here:

The stuff I've contributed to this project is parts of the code for drawing UML state charts.

The parts I've done allows the user to add entry, exit and do actions to states, and to draw transitions with guards and actions on the charts. Previously the state objects only contained a name, and transitions had to be drawn with arrows.

I added these parts because I wanted to generate state machine code from the drawings, and drawings using arrows with text besides them doesn't contain enough information for this purpose. About Emacs Free Software Projects Linux

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