Hardware Compatibility

A constant problem for Linux users is that most hardware is designed with Windows in mind, and that most hardware vendors only supply drivers for the Windows operating system. This means that we cannot be quite as sure as Windows users that a given piece of hardware will work on our systems.

The purpose of this page is to the list the hardware, that I use on Linux, and tell about any problems I have had with it. At the time of writing I am using Ubuntu version 7.10. But the information is probably valid for all current Linux distributions.

The List

Without further ado, here is the list of hardware that I am or have been using under Linux


AGP on the I875P chipset

The only issue I've had with the hardware mentioned above was caused by a bug in the way Linux handles the I875P chipset. This bug made Linux unable to configure the AGP interface correctly, which caused hardware acceleration of 3D graphics to be disabled.

After some googling I found a page describing the problem. That page also describes a workaround, which is to avoid loading the drivers called "i82875p_edac" and "edac_mc". I had never heard about these drivers before, but they are part of the EDAC project, which supplies kernel modules for handling hardware related errors. If you have this problem try inserted the following lines in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist

blacklist i82875p_edac
blacklist edac_mc

If this helps then you will have to choose between EDAC and AGP support until the bug is fixed.

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