About this site

The following is a description of what you can expect to find on this site, and what kinds of content might end up here in the future.

Helpful information

The primary purpose of this site is to collect and present information about technical topics, that I have had a hard time finding and that I want to make easier for other people to find.

The subjects I write about are

Free Software Projects

I am working on a couple of personal software projects. When any of these reach a state, where I believe they could interest other people, they will be published on this site as free software.

Software Engineering

I have quite a few opinions about how software should be designed and programmed, how release management and version control of software projects should be done, and to a lesser extent how hardware should be designed. In the future I might add some pages on these topics.


Lastly it is not impossible that I will add some pages about my political views. If I do they will mostly be about danish matters and be written in danish. I will most likely write them in order to vent frustration, so they probably won't be very interesting. You have been warned ;-)

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