About Me

My name is Peter Allin, I am a citizen of Denmark and was born in 1974. Since this site is mostly about my professional interests, this page will focus primarily on information about the "professional me".

Professional Information

I have been educated as a software engineer at the Technical University of Denmark, from which I graduated in 1999. Since then I've been working with development of embedded software in a number of settings.

The last couple of years I have primarily been using C++ for the embedded programming and the Ruby language for automation of some of the repetitive tasks, that embedded programming sometimes involve. In most of this time I have been part of a project, where we have successfully used techniques like

Most of these are rather unusual in the world of embedded software development. Being a part of this project has convinced me, that these techniques are very good tools for software development projects.

Personal Information

I live in Helsinge in Denmark with my wife Camilla and our son Aksel, who was born in November 2006.

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